I’ve really been slacking in eating right and working out and being healthy. So, I’ve made a solution:

1. I’m going to make a workout plan

2. I’m going to make a diet (no soda, sugar, carbs, etc.)

3. Set a goal (which will be Jan. 2016 or earlier)

4. Walk around my block for an hour every day

The goal is to be fit and healthy by January 2016, when my friends from Aussie come and we go to the beach. I hope to be wearing a bikini then. 

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by: Annabel 
Health Benefits of Avocados   
Many of us do not have to be “sold” on the benefits of avocados—their silky texture and versatile flavor make them hard not to love. Though they aren’t sweet, avocados are actually fruit, and they have unheralded health benefits. Avocados provide heart-healthy folate; vitamins E, C, and B6 potassium; and soluble fiber. Their fat is mostly monounsaturated, the kind that’s heart-healthy. 
Here are 5 AMAZING Health Benefits of Avocados:  

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How to Get Six Pack Abs
Eat the good carbs - eg. whole grains, fruits, veggies, beans
Stay away from processed foods - eg. cakes, cookies, pastries and most foods with labels
Get protein in your body when you wake up - eg. nut butter, greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, oatmeal
Eat smaller meals more frequently during the day - eg. 3 meals & 2 snacks
Water is your friend. Drink a lot of it - eg. 8 glasses daily
Do NOT eat unhealthy fats - eg. margarine, vegetable shortening, candy bars, donuts, fried foods, commercially baked goods.
Do cardio daily - eg. running, biking, dancing, elliptical, hiit workouts
Work on your core strength - Try my 30 Day Plank Challenge
Workout the rest of your body - eg. strength training
Mix up your exercise/cardio - eg. alternate between cardio and strength training workouts
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7 Day Legs Challenge - Day 3


By now your legs are going to be pretty sore we’re going to ditch the weights on this day. Slimmer, sexier legs can be yours in only a couple more sessions! To get there, you also need to eat wisely and load up on protein. This workout is designed to improve the muscular endurance in your legs and…

today was an okay day. i ate better. it was my first day not eating any meats, so i think that went pretty well. i didn’t eat many sweets, aside from the AriZona green tea i had (giggle). I worked out and sweated a lot to say the least, but on MyFitnessPal I went over my calorie limit. Tomorrow I should pay more attention to the calories in foods like breads and avocados. 

today i also felt very tired and not motivated. it was a bummer, i was so ready to start my journey. hoping to lose two pounds by sunday ≧◔◡◔≦ 

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